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Data privacy at

VIVALU GmbH takes the protection of your personal data seriously. Personal data about your visit to the website is not collected or, when this cannot be avoided for technical reasons, is promptly deleted. This also applies for your IP address.

VIVALU uses social marketing channels in order to make real time advertising more tangible and to provide information on the latest trends and concepts:


This website uses social plug-ins which are provided by the social network Facebook, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, and can be called at These social plug-ins are flagged with one of the Facebook logos or with the suffix "Facebook Social Plugin". The list and the look of the Facebook social plug-ins can be viewed here:

When you access a page of our website which contains such a social plug-in, a direct connection is set up from the browser you use to the Facebook servers. The content of the social plug-ins is transferred from Facebook directly to your browser and integrated into the website. Consequently, we have no influence on the volume of data which Facebook collects with the help of the social plug-ins and can therefore provide you only with information which is correct to the best of our knowledge, as follows: Because the social plug-ins are integrated, Facebook will be informed that you have visited a particular page of our website even if you are not registered as a user of Facebook or are currently not logged in on Facebook. Your browser transmits this information together with your IP address to a Facebook server in the USA, where it is stored. According to information from Facebook, only an anonymized IP address is stored in the case of unregistered users in Germany.

If you are logged in on Facebook, Facebook can assign your call to our website directly to your Facebook account. Facebook receives the information about your visit to our website irrespective of whether or not you interact with the social plug-ins. If you interact with the social plug-ins, for example click the “Like” button or send a comment, the corresponding information is transferred directly to Facebook by your browser and is stored there. This information is also published on Facebook and displayed to your Facebook friends.
Details on the purpose and scope of data collection and on further processing and use of the data by Facebook, as well as details on and your associated rights and setting options to protect your private sphere can be found in the Facebook privacy policy at
If you are a registered user of Facebook and do not want Facebook to collect data about you via our website and to link this with your member data which is stored at Facebook, you must log out of Facebook before you visit our website.
It is also possible to block the social plug-ins with add-ons for your browser, e.g. using the Facebook Blocker,

Google +

The “+1” plug-in of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, is integrated on this site, and can be recognized by the “+1” on a white or colored background.
When you call a page on our website which contains this plug-in, your browser will set up a direct connection to the Google servers and the content of the plug-in will then be transferred to your browser, which will incorporate it into the website. We have no influence on the scope or content of the data which is collected by Google using this plug-in. According to the information from Google, no personal data is collected without the plug-in being clicked on. Only in the case of Google+ members who are logged in is data reportedly collected and processed. If you are logged into your personal user account at Google+ or Google while you visit our website, Google can assign the website visit to this account. When you interact with plug-ins, e.g. click the button or leave a comment, information about this is transferred directly to Google and stored there. Furthermore, we cannot rule out that other Google services which are integrated into our website link data with your Google profile. If you want to suppress such data transfer, you must log out from your Google+ or Google account before you visit our website.
Google users can find details on the purpose and scope of data collection and on further processing and use of the data by Google, as well as on their associated rights and setting options to protect their private sphere, in the data privacy information about the "+1” plug-in at and in the FAQ,s which can be called at


This website uses the buttons of the Twitter service which is offered by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. These plug-ins can, for example, be recognized by means of terms such as “twitter” or “tweet” or the Twitter logo. Among other things, they enable a text or page from this website to be shared on Twitter. When a user calls a website which contains such a button, their browser will set up a direct connection to the Twitter servers. The content of the Twitter buttons is transferred by Twitter directly to the user’s browser. Consequently, we have no influence on the volume of data which Twitter collects with the help of this plug-in and can therefore only supply you with information which is correct to the best of our knowledge: Log data such as the user’s IP address, the site accessed previously etc., is then transferred. Further information on this is available in the Twitter data privacy statement at

Data privacy for commissioned activities

The technology used by VIVALU GmbH on behalf of its customers optimizes advertising measures by using data which as a rule have no reference to a person (anonymous data). If, in an exceptional case, it is possible to assign this data to a particular person, the reason for this is that you have done business with a business partner of VIVALU GmbH or have revealed who you are to this business partner in some other way. In such cases you can lay claim to your statutory rights with respect to this personal data vis-à-vis your contractual partner at any time. VIVALU GmbH will in no case attempt to assign the data in its possession to a particular person. In addition, you can suppress the storing of cookies and profile data on your computer, by means of your browser settings at any time.

Information on Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA)

As a company we voluntarily comply with the self-regulation defined by the “German Data Privacy Council for Online Advertising” (DDOW). This concerns the responsible handling of data for advertising control with regard to transparency, usage and the option of lodging an objection. You can view the self-regulation codex for third parties which applies to us at:

By means of anonymously collecting and processing your usage behavior, we optimize the control of advertising for the products and services of our customers on your behalf. For this purpose, a cookie is stored on your computer. Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer’s hard disk and enable things to be recognized again but which do not permit you to be personally identified. This data is collected and used through technology provided by our technical contract partner, which is employed when customers make use of our services.

What data do we collect?

The usage data which is pseudonymized1 during our activities to prepare and display digital advertising contains information on:

Retargeting measures: The last contact of the internet user with the website of our customer(s) is stored here – together with the date, time and assignment to the advertising measure or our customer(s). Based on this contact, the user can then be addressed again with a specific offer outside the website of our customer(s).

Specific interactions of the internet user with the website of our customer(s) or with their advertising measures can also be stored as a criterion for addressing them again. This can consist of visual contact or clicking on advertising material, or the user accessing or remaining on a website or a specific sub-page of our customer(s) for a certain time.

1When pseudonymized, an identification feature is generated which, for instance, is based on combinations of several letters or numbers in order to exclude the person concerned from being identified.

What other data do we use?

In order to fulfil our claim that we reduce wastage in delivering advertising, we may use target group data. This data is made available in the form of pseudonymous profiles of third parties. VIVALU only uses data from certified providers. This can be viewed under “Data Provider“ at
An objection to using this data in the course of our advertising measures is provided with the objection option. You can obtain information on a general objection vis-à-vis the listed partners at:

The IP address of your computer which is transferred for technical reasons will be anonymized or deleted after it has been used for local targeting measures (geo targeting) within the delivery of advertising. The IP addresses are never forwarded.

VIVALU does not at any time collect or use data which could be employed to deliver advertising material to children who are not yet 13 years old.

Flagging advertising materials which are relevant to OBA

In accordance with the OBA guidelines for third parties, VIVALU flags all advertisements which are subject to the codex with an icon licensed with the EDAA:

By default, this is located at the top right of the advertisement, but for design reasons can also be contained at one on the following three alternative positions:

After clicking on the blue icon, the internet user always has the option of obtaining information about the purpose of the anonymous data collection or the option of objecting to the control technology currently used.

Option to object

If you do not want to have any behavioral advertising displayed in general, you must click on the following link:

You can always prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk by selecting the “accept no cookies” setting in your browser. You can also set your browser so that it asks you whether you are in agreement before cookies are set. And finally, you can also delete cookies which have been set. Please following the instructions provided by your browser provider to do this. If you accept no cookies, this can result in functional restrictions on the website. Please note that you must use the opt-out link again after deleting a cookie and actively accepting cookies.

More information about data storage in cookies

Further information on this subject is provided by the “Bundesverband digitaler Wirtschaft” (German association for Digital Business) at the portal Here you can obtain general information on cookies and the topic of data privacy, as well as on individual preferences for permitting cookies.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about this data privacy statement or the option of lodging an objection, please feel free to contact us at any time:


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If you contact us using the website, the information you enter there will only be used in the context of the contact you have initiated. Any use above and beyond this will take place only with your given consent or insofar as this is legally permissible.